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"ScrapeNinja has been instrumental in my AI projects. The stability and efficiency it provides for web scraping ensure a steady stream of quality data for my algorithms. It's an essential tool for any AI developer."

James O - AI Developer
5 / 5

"The versatility of ScrapeNinja is remarkable! I've been able to extract a wide range of data from various websites with ease and stability."

Noah P. - Data Scientist
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"I'm impressed with the simplicity and power of ScrapeNinja. Although I'd love to see libraries in other languages, their Python support is top-notch."

Oliver T. - Dev. at Reinolds Inc.
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Unleash the Power of Universal Web Scraping

Discover ScrapeNinja's unique approach to data extraction - enabling you to effortlessly navigate through the simplest to the most intricate elements on the web."

Effortless Complexity

ScrapeNinja makes it easy to handle even the most intricate data structures, ensuring you can gather all the data you need without hassle.

Unrivalled Stability

With ScrapeNinja, say goodbye to the instability of being blocked by website servers. Our Python library provides a consistent, reliable scraping experience.

Cost-effective Efficiency

Not only is ScrapeNinja an affordable solution, but it also optimizes your web scraping processes, saving you time and resources.

Seamless scraping of complex web elements
Consistent and reliable web scraping experience
Cost-effective and efficient data extraction

Robust Scraping Libary

Our Python library lets you construct complex, nested web scrapers with ease. Send them directly to the API, and transform convoluted tasks into simple, effortless actions.

High Quality Proxies

With our cutting-edge proxy system, ScrapeNinja bypasses obstacles for smooth, uninterrupted scraping. Never worry about bot detections or server blocks again.

Optimized Coding Experience

We've optimized our code so you don't have to. ScrapeNinja allows users to focus on what truly matters, minimizing the need for time-consuming code adjustments.

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Scraping Credits One Credit is used per scraped and saved item. 100 300.000 800.000 2.200.000
Parallel Scraping Processes The number of processes you're allowed to run at the same time. 1 3 8 15
Our First-Class Proxies
Coming Soon: Web App to make scraping accesible for everyone.
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